Wednesday, 12 August 2009

August on Mount Tamborine, Queensland

About one and a half kilometres from my house on Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland is the Tamborine Mountain Gallery Walk it is the Art and Craft centre of the region.
The galleries and craft shops sell paintings, sculpture, ceramics, porcelain, glass, jewellery, woodwork, fabrics etc. Crafty crap in other words.
But there are lots of good cafe's for good coffee and lots of fudge and ice cream shops for the sugar hit.
My favourite spot however, is located at the southern end of Gallery Walk and it is the new Tamborine Mountain micro Brewery.
This impressive open plan complex is perfectly designed for the sub tropical SE Queensland climate.
It is located in a shared premise with the Witches Chase Cheese Company.
The cheese is made by hand on the premises in the cheese factory, and you can view production through large viewing windows.
Right opposite the Liquid Amber Bistro & Grill restaurant in the same complex. Perfect for a gourmet lunch after a few beer tasting trays.
Another must visit place requires a little bit more travel and as you criss-cross the plateau you pass many of these roadside stalls, all operated on an honesty system.
Also there are walks to the many waterfalls in the national parks that entirely ring the mountain. This helps prevent the leggo land estates from the Gold Coast ever being able to reach the plateau.
The place you need to get to is the Tamborine Mountain Distillery.
This is Australia's smallest operating Pot Still Distillery, but of world renown, and has won many awards at contests all over the world.
With the combination of rich red volcanic soils and fresh spring water and the abundant fruit and produce of the Mountain is fermented and distilled here.
Lemon Murtle, Cherry ripe, Chocolate Chilli, Wattle Toffee, Turkish Delight and all manner of exotic flavours in a base of Liqueur, Schnapps or Vodka, all distilled and made right there.
Tastings are a real challenge if you are driving . . .


  1. Theresa O'Halloran13 August 2009 at 21:39

    I thought you'd be spending time at the Brewery! I can't wait until our next trip north - we'll be heading back there too.

    Hope you are all well. See you soon,

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