Saturday, 15 May 2010

Going Cold Turkey on Facebook

So guess what's trending high on Google searches? "how do I delete my Facebook account?" Facebook is experiencing a backlash amongst its users at the moment as concerns mount over its privacy policies or lack of fair ones. So today after recent hacks and leaks of Facebook users data, like accidentally making users' profiles completely public, I have decided to delete my Facebook account. Some other reasons that lead me to this decision are; Facebook's Terms Of Service state that they own your data, your posts, photos everything. Facebook gets you to share information that you might not otherwise share, and then unknown to you they make it publicly available. Your private data and all the accessible data of all your friends is shared with applications that you install, Dogbook, Farmville, Mafia Wars etc etc most consumers will have no idea that this data is basically public. Facebook makes it incredibly difficult to truly delete your account. The account deletion process is incredibly (and I think intentionally) confusing. And if you do delete your account for the next 14 days if you or any linked application or website tries to log back in to that account, you're back like nothing ever happened, undeleted and you will have no idea! Go here for instructions if you need to
One interesting open source alternative gaining some popularity is Diaspora at and it does not even really exist yet.
Others are Flickr, Twitter, Google BUZZ etc.

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