Sunday, 13 June 2010

Keeping it Organised

I organise my wine cellar with 'The Uncorked Cellar' wine cellar software, it's PC based (doh!) and I have yet to find a Mac cellaring program that I like. So you can run it on a Mac using Parallels Desktop or every new Mac lets you install Windows XP and Vista and run them at native speeds, using a built-in utility called Boot Camp. (info HERE)

I have an old PC Notebook which I run The Uncorked Cellar on until I find a viable Mac alternative. The Uncorked Cellar is essentially a database and wine information system.
THE INTERFACE (Click on image for a larger view)
Its great because you can see your wine ageing potential and tasting notes provided by the winemaker. This way you know when your wines will be at their very best. You can also configure a virtual rack display that looks just like your rack (or racks) which makes them easy to find. You can also view a range of graphs and reports of your wine.
2005 PENFOLDS 389 MATURITY CURVE (Click on image for a larger view)
Currently it has over 329,000 wines in the database from Australia NZ and all over the world. I have yet to fin a wine it does not recognise, but if you do you can submit it to the web site for consideration for inclusion.
ALL WINES MATURITY TIMELINE (Click on image for a larger view)

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