Thursday, 16 December 2010

Times Man of the Year - no we cant have that.

Up until today it was widely reported Julian Assange, the founder and Editor in Chief of Wikileaks, was Times 2010 man of the year. It seems it was somewhat of a shock to most news sources when Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook replaced him suddenly. Speculation seems to be that this is evidence of more US government pressure similar to what was excerpted on on VISA, Mastercard, Amazon and PayPal to stop this journalistic enterprise from obtaining donations from the public. Oddly Assange toped the Times reader’s poll in which Zuckerberg came in 10th, Julian Assange of Wikileaks received 382,000 votes, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook received 18,000, some 20 times less. Then again Adolf Hitler was Times man of the year in 1938 so maybe this years last minute politicly correct replacement may come back to haunt Time as well?

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