Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fishin and Huntin

This last week I was lucky enough to get an invitation to some exclusive access to camping, fishing and shooting on a property called Beemery. Beemery Station is a 40,558 ha (100,221 acre) farm near Bourke and is situated on the Barwon River and the Kamilaroi Highway between Bourke and Brewarrina. The Barwon, Bogan and Culgoa rivers combine to form the Darling river here. We got some fish, masses of big yabbies and goats and pigs.
Bag o Yabbies

 River Sunrise
 Boiling the billy
Bogan River Weir 
Gone Fishin 
 Gas Light
Guns & Ammo 
 Pig Trap
 Bluey the yabbie
 Two hot camp ovens
Camp light 
 Track in 5000 Ha Paddock
Accidental by catch while spinning for Yellow Belly. Released healthy. 
 Hypnotising a yabbie (yep!)
It will sit here for hours 
 Typical property condition.

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