Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo is a dry lake located in south western New South Wales. It is about 110 km north east of Mildura and 150km north west of Balaranald. The lake is the central feature of Mungo National Park where the discovery of the remains of Mungo Man, the oldest human remains found in Australia dated between 40,000 and 60,000 years old. There is evidence of human habitation of the area around Lake Mungo that is even older. With the arrival of European settlers in the area during the 1880s, introduced species, notably rabbits and sheep, have destroyed the vegetation cover on the old lake banks on the north shore. This is named the walls of china.

The walls
The roads from Balaranald become impassable during or after rain

The huge bowl that was a lake has been totally dry for thousands of years.
The dunes behind the walls
The eroded shore looking towards the old lake bed

local inhabitants

Post from 2009 and an image taken with a Olympus film camera in the 1980's (see post here) was of one of the trees on the escarpment in fruit. Over 30 years later here is a similar picture. The same tree? unlikely.
 Maybe this is the tree?

Stayed at the Balaranald weir  in the Murumbidgee on the way home. 2 Carp :-(

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