Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Hunt Catch Cook

Recently in the Riverina area of NSW hunting ducks to prevent damage to new rice crops reminded me of the need for the sustainable utilisation of wildlife.
Wild harvested game is infinity more preferable to processed meat. Farmed animals are confined, fattened, transported and processed sometimes in horrific and cruel conditions that may last as long as 48 hours waiting at a processing plant. Wild taken game is ideally enjoying a free and natural life in the wild unaware and in the next second quickly and ethically taken. I do not hunt any animal I can't utilise and mostly they are feral (introduced pests). Ducks in this case are native but with an appropriate NSW hunting license, landholder permission and in a NSW game management program to assist farmers.

Here is a great way to utilise wild duck. Faux Peking Duck

 hoisin sauce
 Spring Onion
BBQ'd Duck
Duck Breast Kebabs

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