Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year 2016-17

2016 was a great year:
Resigned from work and left the day after my 60th birthday :-)
Built my man cave :-)
Tried to improve my Sporting Clay target shooting :-|
Hunted some bunnies in the Victorian autumn :-)
Went Barramundi fishing in the top end (to be continued... :-(
Hunted deer in the high country several times (to be continued... :-(
Hunted wild boar in far western NSW :-)
Took a sea voyage across the bottom of Victoria :-)
Caught a Port Phillip Bay snapper :-)
Hunted ducks on the rice fields of NSW :-)
Caught some Murray Cod :-)
Camped, fished, hunted and thrashed a great little quad bike :-)
Utilised all animals for food and had some ripper feeds :-)
Looking forward to ticking some things of the incomplete list in 2017.
Thanks to everyone that helped make it a great year and made these things possible, you know who you are ;-}

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