Thursday, 25 May 2017

Free Range Organic Meat

First off . . . . In my opinion wild harvested game, or Free Range Organic Meat is infinity more preferable to packaged, sometimes chemically supplemented and processed meat.

When you pick up that plastic wrapped meat from the supermarket please be aware that farmed animals can be confined, fattened, transported and processed sometimes in cruel conditions and may wait as long as 48 hours smelling death waiting at a processing plant. I fear they often suffer. Of course they may live a life as pleasant as responsible farmers can make possible.

Wild taken game is ideally enjoying a free and natural life in the wild unaware of any danger and in the next second quickly and ethically taken. No suffering and I am respectful and thankful to the animal.

I do not hunt any animal I can't utilise and mostly they are feral (introduced pests) and practice the sustainable utilisation of wildlife. This is my sport and my hobby.

My first Victorian high country Sambar.

 Just a small part of the cleaned and trimmed venison.

 Vacum packed cuts of venison.

 Some in the ageing fridge ready for further processing to steaks, snitzel and venison jerky.

 Hermiones share, mostly the shoulders and other off cuts.

Happy Hermione

My Tikka .308 deer rifle.

Sellier & Bellot 180 grain round and the actual projectile that dispatched the deer.

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