Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Its my birthday, thanks to everyone for their best wishes and this beautiful card from Jacqui and Eladio. Happy birthday to my lovely daughter Jacqueline too as hers is on the same day. The events below happened in our birth years. Do you know which year and for whom they correspond?
  • The Summer Olympics are held in Melbourne, Australia.
  • The worlds first personal computer, the Commodore PET, is demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago USA.
  • The Hungarian Revolution starts.
  • Portugal's traditional naming conventions change such that children's surnames can come from either the mother or the father, not just from the father.
  • Television broadcasting commences in Australia.
  • Star Wars opens in cinemas.
  • The hard disk drive is invented by an IBM team led by Reynold B. Johnson.
  • The first Apple II computers go on sale
  • Elvis Presley dies.

Nikon D300, Nikkor 35mm f2 @ ISO 450, 35mm f2, 1/60 sec
Click on photo for larger image view

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