Thursday, 11 March 2010

Bourbon or Whiskey?

While having a bourbon tonight I thought I'd do some research. In the USA Rye whiskey was most popular before prohibition, more popular than bourbon, especially in the East of New York. After prohibition, few if any of the New York distilleries came back, at least not as whiskey producers.
Nikon D300, Nikkor 35mm f2 @ ISO 200, 35mm f2, 1/320 sec
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Vodka was very popular in the post war era, and was most successful in New York as was gin and this is why New York was always more of a cocktail town than a straight spirits town, that is with the exception of Irish whiskey, due to the huge Irish population.

In the USA Bourbon has always been right up there with college football, Nascar and weak canned beer and only the more affluent drinkers explored the wonders and complexities of single malt whiskey's made in the style of scotch and Irish. The taste of Bourbon begins with a distinctive sweetness turning spicy and peppery with clear fruitiness then mellow into a creamy caramel toffee with highlights of citrus. Whiskey on the other hand is sweet on the tip of the tongue but salty and sour at the sides and a dry or even bitter finish.

Tennessee whiskey, like Jack Daniel’s, which is essentially made like bourbon until it is filtered through a layer of maple charcoal, at which point it becomes Tennessee whiskey.

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