Sunday, 19 October 2014

City Folk Ski Boats and Litter

Confronted by a shocking mess all in the Murray River Reserve above Torrumbarry Weir. This mess and lots like it littered the banks in more and less severity all along the deeper part of the Murray river above Torrumbarry Weir upstream towards Echuca, an area popular with Ski Boat enthusiasts. There was so much it was pointless even trying to clean it up. So I moved downstream to Gunbower National Park and with the warmer weather its becoming very popular with campers and fisherman. Talking to one local who camps in the National Park area often, his advice was "Oh no don't go up there, loud Ski Boats from Melbourne and drunken yahoos only. There is no one policing or cleaning that area up as its not in the National Park" Not sure if this is all their fault but that seems to be the local sentiment.

Anyway I found a spot and managed to catch some Murray Crays but no fish. The river was dropping as most of the river was being diverted through the Gunbower -Cohuna wetlands for environmental flows.

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