Monday, 6 October 2014

Real Aussie Men Drive Utes

More than 18,000 went to Deniliquin to enjoy good company, cold beer and great music at the 16th annual ute muster. A bit down on last years record 20,000 but with girls and families out numbering the boys in the feral utes only paddock it was a great weekend. This has to be the biggest and most successful music festival in regional Australia by far and is a must for any true blue Aussie to go to at least once.
18,000 campers
 Kanga walla foxes
Nicole and Keith ? 
 The only gays in the village
Food race 
Muster Uniform 
 who cares they look good
Mini Muster Utes 
Mmmm Yum 
 Cool misty first morning
Helicopter flight 

Warm and dusty evening 

The burbs 

Rent a Tent 

20 rows like this as far as you can see of utes in the utes only section, feral city
Trying to get back to camp before the folks work out they are not in the van? 

There was romance for everyone 

Are these yours mate? 

Whip cracking ferals, they went all day and night. 

Our Camp from the chopper 
 Evening stroll in the burbs
Feral watch 

 No idea! but they had blue singlets on.

Mobility scooters charging for the next days circle work 
Front gate 
 Front gate 2
 The site was vast.
Six chicks in a row. The irls outnumbered the boys! 

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