Monday, 13 July 2015

Deer no Deer

If you eat meat then ethical Deer hunting is much more humane than cattle or sheep farming in my view. After all idealy a deer is free in the wild doing its thing, next second its taken, no drama. On the  other hand animals from a farm a transported to an abattoir, held for up to 48 hours in a pen and then killed in a row after watching their mates die. To hunt Deer in Victoria is strictly controlled and you need the appropriate firearm calibre, a firearm license and a game license. It is also very hard work. Its reported that over 40,000 deer were harvested last year by licensed hunters.

Last weekend at 0c and less I went deer hunting in the High Country. Just being out there in the bush was fantastic, serene and quite. Its winter, wet and cold and all the seasonal 4x4 track closures not so many boof heads from Melbourne were around yahooing and tearing up the bush. With most of the hordes crowding the queue to the snow fields the bush elsewhere was very quite.

I did not fire a shot this time and walked many K's through rough wet bush but I saw views and things you never see from a car or ute. I'm hooked. 

 Game License
 Scoping for Deer
 Fresh Deer poo
Deer country

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