Sunday, 19 July 2015

Lake Albacutya and Lake Hindmarsh July 2015

The Wimmera River rises from the Great Dividing Range below Elmhurst, between Ararat and Avoca, and flows generally north by west near the towns of Crowlands, Glenorchy, Horsham, Dimboola, Tarranyurk, and Jeparit then it used to run into the Wyperfeld National Park and the Big Desert Wilderness Park.

Lake Albacutya fills from Lake Hindmarsh via Outlet Creek when the Wimmera River is sufficiently in flood. At high water mark, the lake covers 5850 ha and is 8 metres deep at its deepest.

Lake Albacurya hasn't filled since 1976, and hasn't received any flows from the Wimmera River since 1996. The lake historically fills and empties on a 20 year cycles but due to man made climate change and river diversion this cycle may be affected.

In 2011 Lake Hindmarsh filled but not sufficiently due to Wimmera River irrigation and diversion.
When it does fill water will then flow further north from Lake Albacutya into Wyperfeld National Park, but that hasn't occurred since 1976.

Lake Albacutya sunset
 Lake Albacutya from the Western ridge
 4x4 Sand Dunes on the North West end of Albacutya
Albacutya on the left and winter wheat cops on the right from the sand dune ridge line 
Winter Wheat
Hermione on Lake Hindmarsh
Dry Lake Hindmarsh July 2015
Almost full Lake Hindmarsh in 2011

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