Saturday, 25 July 2009

Crap in my iTunes music library

I had a heap of crap in my iTunes music library and iTunes never seems to be able to find all of the album covers. I had duplicate songs, mis-labeled albums and little genre or year data and mis labled songs all over the shop. Then I found TuneUp a piece of software for both Windows and Mac that takes the headache out of your iTunes database. It allows you to drag and drop songs and it cleans up all the details about each song and finds the album covers you are missing. If you have Shazam for the iPhone you will be familiar with the concept of a digital sample of the song (a sound fingerprint if you like) is sent to Gracenote, formerly called CDDB (Compact Disc Data Base). Their database contains information about the contents of almost every disc and vinyl record ever produced. With 2,500 tracks I went from 41% clean data to 89% with just a few scans and a little manual tweaking. TuneUp has a free version that lets you cleanup a 100 songs, so it is perfect and FREE for someone with only a few mistakes in their library. I got the paid version $20 for a years subscription and think its well worth it. :-)

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