Saturday, 4 July 2009

Lazy Saturday Pictures

Saturday I was walking Hermione in a park we were exploring and taking some snaps with the new Nikkor 70-200mm lens and testing the performance of it and getting interesting depth of field effects at f2.8 in full sun (see below).

The shot below of a crested pigeon taken at 1000th sec @ f2.8 ISO 200 focusing at the full 200mm and hand held.

This one below is about a 50% crop
And below again is a closer look. This is at the 200mm end and is not its sharpest point I'd say that would be about f5.6 or so and maybe 120mm? Amazing quality from a real precision built piece of equipment. Its built like a weatherproofed tank, I love this lense already. I just hope Andrea can afford it :-)
Earlier in the day Hermione was lying in the sun on the bed in the spare bedroom and getting some patting attention. Taken with Tokina 11-16mm wide angle 125th of a second at f2.8 ISO 200 and 12mm
Warm sunny day in Sydney . . .

Sunny warm winters day on the bed . . .

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