Sunday, 10 May 2009

-27.90465 S, +153.204625 E

The main reason we went up to the sunshine state was to celebrate with our grandson on his 9th birthday.
Also its an opportunity to do some maintenance on the house and clear the lantana from the vacant block next door taking over our fence. Lantana is listed in Queensland as a 'Weed of National Significance'. A picture of a lantana flower below.Below is the view from the corner of our street to the Gold Coast. Just down the hill some 17Km and you run straight into the Worlds Sea World, Dreamworld Wet'n'Wild Water World, Movie World, Australian Outback Spectacular etc . .
A flower we found in the Botanic Gardens a few hundred metres from our house. although its over some steep terrain :-)

The traditional owners are the Wangerriburras, the area has a history of logging and Advocado , kiwi fruit and ruhbarb farming but is now largely rural residentail surrounded on all sides by by the Tamborine National Park made up of 12 separate reserves. The platue has lookouts, gorges, cliffs, waterfalls, rainforest areas and wet eucalypt forest.

Another interesting feature is the Fig Tree roundabout at the top of the Gallery Walk a Km or so from the house. This tree was planted by a local in about 1926 to provide shade for the many bushwalkers that came by this way and stands here in the roundabout today.

The must see here is the new Brewery and cheese factory.

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