Thursday, 21 May 2009


Buy my art

A little birdie put me onto RedBubble. Thanks Carol.
RedBubble is an Australian website where you can share your creative output and allows aspiring artists and photographers to display their work for sale. A bit like cafe press, zazzle, yessy or deviant art.

It’s free and there’s no ads, storage limits, upload limits, bandwidth limits or file size limits and you retain copyright and ownership of your work. There is a lively RedBubble Community to connect with people through discussions, blogs, short stories, groups and competitions. You can also build a customisable website to display and sell your work.

To sell your work online, you just upload your digital images or artwork, and RedBubble will turn it into a products, like framed prints, posters, canvas prints, t-shirts, greeting cards and calendars and deliver them to your customer and take care of any customer service problems.

You control the pricing of your work and decide how much you’d like to be paid. RedBubble deduct their base price for the product and postage and handling fees and you get paid the balance. RedBubble doesn’t charge a commission they only charge you a base price. You set whatever margin you like. Anyone who visits the site can buy your images made into the products you elect to be allowed and purchases them online through PayPal.

While not intending to make a lot of money it will be nice if people can get a card or print from some of my images easily and at very reasonable prices :-)

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