Monday, 4 May 2009

Beautiful one day perfect the next

Well it gets a bit cool at night but that just accentuates the seasons a little for a climate that has not much difference between winter and summer temprature wise. Mount Tamborine is very busy this weekend as it is a Monday public holiday weekend for the labour day weekend. Which, by the way, the origins of Labour Daystem from the early 1860s when the general campaign for an eight-hour working day resulted from efforts of the labour union movement. A world first as I recollect, so next time someone is bagging the unions, reflect on that. Around Australia the different states celebrate the day across a number of significant public holiday dates.
Beautiful images are only as far as the garden here in Queensland. We also went to the local botanical gardens for a photo mission today.

An interesting long exposure shot on my back deck looking North West into the moon.

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